Bigzie Fight 7 (Sunday, July 30, 2023)

Bangkok Thai Boxing Documentary

UFC’s wins and losses after accepting offers from top boxers’ coaches: what to expect in the upcoming championship? This and many more exclusive news on our MMA News website! Follow us on social media or signup to the newsletter to stay ahead of all the…

The Lifestyle that Changes You Forever

Are you a huge MMA fan? Or are you a fighter? Either way, we don’t want you to miss these awesome moments that have happened throughout MMA history. Learn more about the most famous fighters, and upgrade your skills by exploring their tactics and strategies.

Training Routine of the Worlds` Champions

This show is something that we all have been waiting for a very long time. All the fans are coming to London to participate! Our professional coaches are going to share their comments with you all, so stay tuned to our podcast and follow the…

Public Workouts of Your Favorite Boxers

This is probably the most important event in the life of professional boxers because taking part in one of the fights is a huge career start. In this article, a few professional boxers share their experience of getting in great shape, the right state of…

Female Boxing and Workout Plans

Powerlifting is tough. However, we have our own opinion on the matter. Some of our trainees can be easily named as the best boxers in their weight categories, so we are proud to do so. Learn how to start a powerlifting career with the maximum…

Boxing Fundamentals: the Punch Power

When it comes to famous sportsmen or people`s favorite champs, haters start acting weird and try to find the worst things. Well, we did this out of love! For all beginners, here is the complex exercise that will help you to get right on track…